Mac Screensaver: PicCollage Clock

Jo Hsu

Visual Designer
iOS Developer

The PicCollage Clock Screensaver is a project that embodies the fun and creative spirit of our company culture.

PicCollage Clock

The screensaver features a clock that utilizes visual elements created by our designers, providing a cheerful and engaging visual experience. The implementation of the PicCollage Clock Screensaver was achieved using Xcode and Swift.

Screensaver with personal computer

The PicCollage Clock Screensaver is fun way to display the time on your computer. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys a cheerful and engaging visual experience while working.

Screensaver with laptop and personal computer

The visual elements are designed to be colorful without being overly vibrant, making them suitable for a range of professional settings.

Workspace with vertical monitor

The screensaver is designed to be fully optimized for vertical monitors, making it ideal for engineers who frequently work with vertical displays. The clock's design takes into account the unique aspect ratio of vertical monitors, ensuring that it is fully visible and easy to read without any awkward stretching or distortion.

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