Mac Screensaver: Create Boldly

Jo Hsu

Visual Designer
iOS Developer

The screensaver features a black background with vibrant colors and the text "Create Boldly" displayed in the center. The vibrant colors used in the screensaver align with our company branding.

Create Boldly Clock Face

The implementation of the PicCollage "Create Boldly" Screensaver was achieved using Xcode and Swift. The screensaver is perfect for users who enjoy a more muted visual style and who work in dark mode.

On Personal Laptop

The screensaver's color scheme is designed to be engaging without being overly vibrant, making it suitable for a range of professional settings.

On Personal Computer

The text "Create Boldly", which is PicCollage's core value, reminds users of our company's values of creativity and innovation, and encourages them to embody those values in their work.

Workspace with Vertical Monitor

The screensaver is optimized for vertical monitors, making it ideal for engineers who often work with vertical displays.

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