3D Vinyl Emulator with Spline

Jo Hsu

3D Designer
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Adobe Illustrator

The 3D Vinyl Emulator is a project created for Innofest at PicCollage. The website allows users to play music and view animation of a vinyl record spinning on a turntable.

Key Visual with Spline 3D

The 3D animation is designed to be realistic and engaging, providing a modern interpretation of the classic turntable experience.

Vinyl Emulator in your workspace

The implementation was achieved with Spline. The website is designed to be responsive and works on both desktop and mobile devices. The music player is displayed as a separate window, allowing users to listen to music while working on other tasks.

Vinyl Emulator in Split View

The website is designed to fit well into your digital workspace, providing a convenient and engaging way to enjoy the experience of playing vinyl records.

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