Linear implementation

Juan Guiragossian

Project Manager
Customer Success Manager
Operations Lead

Linear implementation for top-performance SaaS development

In this project, I spearheaded the organization and management of our SaaS development workflow. I utilized Linear, a modern project management tool, to achieve this.

My key contributions included:

  • Task Breakdown and Definition: I meticulously defined all project tasks within Linear, ensuring clarity and understanding for the entire development team.
  • Project Board Creation: I set up dedicated boards and projects within Linear, providing a structured space for each development phase and feature.
  • Integration with Essential Tools: I established seamless integrations between Linear, GitHub (our version control system), and Slack (our communication platform). This streamlined communication and ensured real-time updates on task progress.

Through this implementation, I empowered the development team to work efficiently, fostered clear communication, and ultimately ensured timely delivery of the SaaS product.

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