Product Validation: Testing and Researching Ideas

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💬 Product - Idea Validation

Have you ever wondered if you're idea is actually a need for a specific group of people? The objective behind this exercise was to validate this idea and if it had a future within the LATAM community.

Espaciotec – Certamen tecnológico

Espaciotec is a technological contest in El Salvador.

In the role of UX designer, I worked along two founders to build an MVP to participate in the idea category within the contest.


✅ Deliverables

  • Conduct competitor benchmarking to establish patterns & inspiration
  • Ideate with sketches on how to create a trustworthy experience
  • Create User Flows of existing and improved experiences
  • Create Mid-fidelity wireframes of your solution
  • Design the UI Styles and Components for your experience in Figma
  • Design Mid-fidelity Mobile Prototype of the initial experience to work as material for the Marketing website
  • Published Marketing Website

🕰️ Timeline

5 weeks

❓ The Problem

When a person finds a product at a better price or not available in the local market, it considers to order it online. Importing such goods to El Salvador is pricey and if customs detains the package, it requires more or less time, knowledge, and more importantly, the Spanish language.

We’d like to reduce the time, cost and overall hassle of important personal use goods with people traveling everyday.

📓 Hypothesis

We believe that creating a trustworthy experience

For buyers and travelers

Will allow them to save and make money by traveling new personal use products

✅ The Solution

An app that connects buyers and travels on a smart dashboard where buyers save time and costs and travelers gain back baggage costs by sharing a couple of pounds in personal items.

Initial IA

👀 Competitor Benchmarking

I moved on to competitor benchmarking to help me identify standards in competitor products that could be a norm for this new app, the key discoveries were:

  • Two similar apps were found. None in the regional market 🎉
  • One prioritized reviews more than the other as a trust factor
  • Different business models reflected in their channels

➡️ At this point, as a user, I was aware of the similarities and differences between these two apps and the initial customer flows we elaborated.

Competitor Analysis
Competitor comparison

🧱 Branding

The founder had an existing logo. Without doing a proper branding, I developer the necessary assets for ideating, prototyping, and defined the typography, colors with AAA contrast and other accessibility/heuristic rules.

Basic design system

👉 Prototyping

Instead of having public phone numbers and WhatsApp connection, we figured is positive to incorporate a chat environment for the users to maintain their app connections within the app.

Prototyping the Chat view only

We all want to go quicker but stay tuned while we build this product

Thank you!

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