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Derik Schneider

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Video Showcase

I worked on Saints Row 2 interfaces. It was awesome. Watch this video:


Designed the menus with the ubiquitous style of ornate calligraphy and graffiti (thanks to our Concept Artist) inspired by the first game. I created new brushes to grunge it up and developed an optimized method that saved memory.

My UI Lead and I ensured that the integral ornate calligraphic flourishes and graffiti themes were implemented consistently and in the spirit of the Saints Row universe.

Vehicle Customization

The vehicle customization screens required coordination with the vehicle artists and developers so that the material spheres I created could be colored in-sync with the in-game car models. The dynamically colored materials were so successful they were employed in the following core sequels.

I also collaborated with the vehicle artists to build a pipeline to create thumbnails of vehicle upgrades such as wheel rims and defensive / offensive upgrades.

Completion Screens

Integrating the graffiti artwork from Jose Vasquez in our game, I coded these animated completion screens with support from developers and sound engineers. I created a pipeline to create a variety of newspaper snippets, postcards, and other contextual assets that supported various modal game activities.


Created the artistic frames, screen layout, interactive meters, iconography, and collaborated on the implementation with the senior designer.

Of particular note, a developer friend informed me of this secret co-op Zombie game mode just before shipping the game. The Zombie HUD was kit-bashed last-minute and fully working in 6 hours utilizing mostly pre-existing assets!

Iconography and In-Game Branding

The game's penchant for absurdity carries over into the in-game iconography and branding. I had a blast working on the radio station logos and their metaphorical designs.

Interaction buttons were also hand painted realistically, and their designs inspired later versions in the sequels.

Hand-painting food and weapon icons was more rewarding than I could have imagined, particularly the gyro and the shish kabob.

Sequels Using SR2 My UI

My UI art and some interaction systems carried forward into or served as the basis in the sequels, such as the radio stations, car paint, and button mashing.

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