Red Faction: Armageddon

Derik Schneider

Interaction Designer
Game Developer
UX Designer
Adobe Suite
Deep Silver Volition

Created flows, concepts, mockups, and final artwork for UI in Red Faction: Armageddon.

Derived and created artwork output workflows for UI assets. Instructed other teams in the process that aided in rapid mass-produced UI elements.

Implemented final artwork personally in the games using Volition's proprietary UI tool (VINT), versioned in Perforce, wrote LUA script that powered interactions and animations with the front end, and ingested game data to display in the UI.

Video Showcase


Menus were a collaborative effort with the Sr. UI Artist. Primarily responsible for typography, vector art, and many of the sci-fi details to the artwork. Handled the layout, interactions, art, animation and coding on unique game screens beyond the main menu. Also created approximately half of the weapon icons for the HUD and inventory screen.

Upgrade Menu

Created a tiered unlockable system in collaboration with the game designers for the player upgrade screen. Handled the art, animation, script and interactions.

Ruin Mode

Ruin mode allowed players to wantonly destroy their environments under a time-limit that would be extended when they racked up points for the extraordinary damage they caused. Created the HUD elements such as score, timer, and end-of-round score. Created the artistic elements for hand-off that were used in menus.


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