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M1 iMac Realistic Mockup


In 2021, when the iMac wasn't even released yet, I wanted to be the first person to release an iMac mockup for the Figma community. Within 24 hours of the iMac Apple page going live, I had recreated the iMac's in all colors.

The range of colors were all done with front and side profiles in a realistic style so that users could download them for free to use on their mockups and websites.

Licensed under CC 4.0


To date, the file has been duplicated 810 times by the Figma community.

Google Pixel 5 Realistic Mockup


While I was the sole designer at Jumbo Privacy, I was asked by the founder to do Google Play Store screenshots and digital ads using an Android phone in the mockups.

Unfortunately the only mockups that I could find of the latest Google phone were either paid, only available in Photoshop, or on the Figma community but flat and cheap. So I took it upon myself to recreate the Pixel 5 as a vector so that others could use it in high resolution assets.


To date, the file has had 8,300 duplications and has been used on startup websites where a Google phone mockup is needed.


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