Graphic Design - Signage - Metro Manila Intermodal Transit Map

Étienne Haché

Graphic Designer
Infographic Designer
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Metro Manila's bustling transit network often leaves commuters puzzled. From train lines to ferry routes, each mode of transportation seems like a jigsaw piece. Determined to transform the daily commute, I set out to create a single, unified map that brings clarity to the chaos.

Key Features

🗺️ Holistic Design: The map encapsulates the entirety of Metro Manila's transit system, elegantly weaving together trains, ferries, and other modes of travel.

🚆 Train Clarity: I meticulously plotted the train lines, ensuring passengers can seamlessly navigate from station to station.

⛴️ Ferry Finesse: Beyond tracks, I incorporated ferry routes to connect river and coastal transportation, enhancing the map's intermodal essence.

🎨 Visual Brilliance: The map boasts a minimalist yet informative design, making navigation intuitive for both locals and newcomers.

Why This Matters

With urbanites in mind, I stitched together an information tapestry that paints a clear picture of Metro Manila's mobility options. No longer will commuters be caught in the labyrinth of conflicting transit information. It's a way for me to give back to my temporary community and making the transit experience better for thousands of commuters by filling a critical information gap.

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