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This year Framer's community got challenged to build a hero section for an halloween themed website. I decided to participate and challenge myself ! *spoiler alert : I ended up making two pages* First design

The initial page drew inspiration from the editorial style of the '80s. My aim was to create something that exudes coolness without delving into the clichés that often accompany Halloween-themed websites.

I ensured that it's responsive across all devices, accommodating both light and dark themes based on the user's preferences. The website boasts a parallax effect, complemented by striking lightning animations that set the stage for a truly spooky experience. You can preview the page here !

This is my first entry ! Have a look at :

Creating this design was an absolute blast. I initiated the process by designing the hero section's overall structure in Figma, which enabled me to generate components like the background grid. Afterward, I dove into Framer, bringing the page to life with animations and engaging effects.

Second design

My excitement about the possibilities with this no-code tool prompted me to craft an entirely new page from the ground up, featuring custom vector art to showcase that skill.

The primary challenge was to ensure this design's responsiveness across all devices, and I'm pleased to announce that it now seamlessly adapts to any screen. The second one was to use the vector art in a way that I could animate it using Framer's tools only - no code or no external animation tools.

This design also incorporates parallax effects and animations, imbuing it with a sense of liveliness. Hope you enjoy : Check it out here !

This is my second entry ! Have a look here :

I hope you find these creations as delightful as I did!

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