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Carmel Kundai Makaya

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Overview 🔎

This project involved creating social media graphic and templates for the IG Feed, Stories, Reels, and LinkedIn for an existing marketing company that was looking to expand their social media following.

Together, the Client and I created 18 unique content buckets that could be filled by repurposing existing content from the Client's archive.

Sample of Client's Instagram Feed using the templates

Problem & Solution 🤝

The Client was looking for a way to consistently share cohesive content on their social platforms. The easiest way to do that was to pre-plan content buckets that align with their company's purpose and messaging.

Goals/Requirements: to bring the agency brand to life on Instagram, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn using Canva.

• create a list broad photo and video concepts • create 18 unique photo, graphic, and video templates • use Canva as much as possible for easy hand-off to the client

Process 🛣

The project began by analysing the Client's favourite social media accounts across various niches. From there, we isolated the aspects they wanted emulate and began working on the templates using the Client's brand book.

From there, we went back and forth via Zoom and Email until we were both satisfied.


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