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Project: Hopscotch Discovery & Identity Design

Hopscotch helps people to save time and effort by using a digital product that provides quick, flexible, and convenient solutions in exchange for money.

For example, imagine you are at the airport and your plane is about to take off. You want to buy a cup of coffee, but there is a long queue of orders already placed. Hopscotch can help you skip the line and get your coffee early in exchange for extra money. All you need to do is scan a QR code.


Logo Design, Brand's personality & tone.

My Role:

Brand designer

Standalone Mark

Concept/Idea: Scan, Hop, and Win!

This logo merges QR code technology with a lightning bolt, indicating the core features of Hopscotch: quick access by scanning a QR code and the ability to bypass lines.

Logo lettering + Mark

Lightening Symbol indicates that using Hopscotch helps you get things done quicker
Logo Application

Logo Application

Black vs White

How did we get here? Let's go back to see our process:

Zoom Meeting | Date Monday, 15 August 2022

Step 01 → Q&A session: Here I ask some questions to gather the basic requirements.

Here's a small brief written from the client's perspective based on the Q&A session.

My startup, named HopScotch, is looking for a logo design. Our product is a mobile-first app that is convenient, flexible, easy to use, and helps users earn more money. Our target market consists of people in their late 20s who don't like to wait.

We admire the branding of companies such as Clearme, Batch, and Squareup. Our core mission, values, and vision are centered around convenience, speed, premium quality, freedom, flexibility, and better profits.

Our logo will be displayed in web, mobile, and print contexts. We want the logo to be recognizable, timeless, and minimalist. We envision it as a symbol and mark.

Step 02 → Define your brand’s Ikigai through a collaborative discovery exercise with stakeholders.

I do this because it helps me connect with my client's vision. I want to feel the same way about their vision as my client does, so I can deliver the best results.

HopScotch Ikigai

😎 What is HopScotch good at?

for the consumer: speed, convenience. for Merchants: it helps make more margin.

❤️ What does HopScotchLove?

We love to give people time back so they can spend it on things they love

💵 What can HopScotch be paid for?

We make money when the merchant makes money

🌎 What does the world need?

The world needs an option when you are in hurry or in a rush.


Hopscotch is passionate about giving people time back by using a digital product that offers them quick service, convenience, and flexibility.


The hopscotch professionals are to give people convenience, flexibility, and freedom in exchange for money.


The mission is to save time and effort by using an App that offers consumers a premium service.


Hopscotch helps get things done quicker than usual in exchange for money.

HopScotch Ikigai

Hopscotch helps people to save time and effort by using a digital product that provides quick, flexible, and convenient solutions in exchange for money.

Step 03 → Define your brand’s personality through a collaborative discovery exercise with stakeholders.

What is HopScotch's personality? let's find out!

Archetypes allow your brand to form stronger emotional bonds with customers and prospects. They assist you in creating an appealing force that attracts and entices people to your brand through universal values, resulting in an improved brand persona.

We suggest everything including visual design, choice of imagery/ illustration, or copywriting decisions you make should reflect the archetype you have chosen for your brand.

It's a tie between Hero, Ruler, and Sage whereas we asked Abdel if he had to choose one among these as a dominant archetype what would that be? Abdel decided to choose Hero.

HopScotch archetype:

Dominant Archetype: Hero

Secondary: Ruler and sage

Competitors or websites to look at:








Black & White Concepts

Idea: Scan, Hop, and Win!

Direction 01

Dominant Archetype: Growth, Courage, Honor.

Secondary traits: Status, Success, Power, dominance

More Variations related to direction 01:

Idea: Just Scan to Hop any line! Wink

Direction 02

Dominant Archetype: Influence, Expertise, confidence.

Idea: Hop anywhere, anytime.

Direction 03

Dominant Archetype: Influence, Wisdom, Expertise, confidence.

Secondary traits: Relatable, approachable, Dependable

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