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To Solve this problem, I needed at least one person to collaborate with me in a cross-brainstorming session. I requested my wife to help me out so I can solve this problem without involving any personal biases.

Let's break down the problem:

  1. Jerry has a birthday party and he is a busy person
  2. He is hosting his birthday event
  3. He wants to order food for 25 guests
  4. He dislikes doing multiple checkouts & orders
  5. This is a mobile-first app

→ Exploring problems and possible solutions

User Goal:

To make it easy for customers to place an order from multiple restaurants through one checkout using mobile.

Business Goal:

To create a one-stop & frictionless solution to deliver food from multiple restaurants to customers.

Success metrics:

To onboard more active users.

Who is Jerry?

  1. Jerry is a 28, years old developer who works in an IT firm.
  2. He is well aware of the working of digital products and holds a fine level of digital literacy.
  3. Jerry wears glasses because of his weak eyesight.

What are his Needs?

  1. He wants to receive the best quality food at his doorstep.
  2. Access to all restaurants through a one-stop solution.
  3. He likes frictionless checkouts.
  4. He likes transparency and order tracking.

Pain Points

  1. He has to make payments for each restaurant individually every time her orders from two or more restaurants.
  2. He likes to know about his rider's current position and the status of his order.
  3. He likes to know about the restaurant's ratings and delivery time.

Overall Constraints:

  1. No current applications order food from multiple restaurants through just one checkout.
  2. Having one rider picking & delivering orders from multiple restaurants to customers is exhausting and problematic for both ends. Users want to receive the food of the best quality whereas the rider's hustle increases when two or more restaurant visits are assigned to them which are two or more kilometers away from each other.
  3. Multiple orders mean, multiple checkouts and multiple riders coming to customers.
  4. More riders delivering food mean expensive delivery charges.

→ (HMW) How might we _________

Explore the opposite: How might we make the experience of getting orders that involve multiple restaurants exciting for riders?

Question an Assumption: How can we make order status more transparent for customers?

Create an analogy between need and want: How can we make multiple restaurant delivery experiences beneficial and rewarding for riders and customers?

Break the POV into pieces: How can we make customers feel guilty for not ordering from multiple restaurants? and also how can we make riders feel guilty for not accepting multiple orders.

→ Framing Solution

We will be creating a mobile-first application that will offer to place orders from multiple restaurants through one checkout.

Key "use cases" are the following:

  • Each restaurant will have its own profile, users can go inside to check out available food and deals, add liked items to the cart, and can still go on to choose another restaurant profile and repeat the process.
  • The app will show nearby restaurants in the 500-meter vicinity of the selected food area when placing an order. Users can choose multiple restaurants and still be charged a one-time delivery payment.
  • If the user decides to place 2nd order outside the 500-meter vicinity of the food area, the application will assign that to the other rider. since now there will be two riders coming the user's way delivery payment can be expensive.
  • User Should be able to schedule food before time just like you can rent a car a day before using Uber.
  • From the rider's perspective: we can gamify their experience where they can prioritize orders based on what they want to pick first and what last. For example, picking an ice cream last is preferable as I don't want it to reach the customer melted.
  • The product can create some metrics and give rewards to riders who are accepting multiple restaurants order

Value prepositions

  • Users prefer ordering from multiple restaurants. In the current world, we live in we have observed families like to go for arrangements where there are multiple restaurants with one sitting area. They order & pay restaurants separately still they can have everything at one table. This idea to order from multiple restaurants and pay each by using just one device is very valuable. It is much more beneficial for such arrangements if we can have ideas like these in such gatherings too.
  • Scheduling orders or pre-bookings before the event is helpful in the case of a timed event.

Doing a competitor analysis is recommended at this stage but since I have less time and as per the product problem statement no similar product exists, I will directly jump to the user journey phase.

→ User journey

Doing an IA is recommended at this stage but since I have less time, I will directly jump to the user wireframes + User flows.

→ Wireframes + User flows

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