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teamFa lets teams get and share their 2FA (two-factor authentication) codes in Slack.

Use Slack command to generate 2FA codes


It's good practice to secure your accounts with 2FA. However, if you're sharing those accounts with your team members, it can become tedious to always ping the account holder for the 2FA code when you need to sign in. Because of the workflow disruption, many teams decide to turn off 2FA.

The workaround for this is buying individual seats/licenses for each employee so they each have their own login to a service, but for small companies, this can be expensive.


teamFa is web app that connects to your team's Slack channel. It turns your Slack workspace into a 2FA device. When you add services and accounts that use 2FA to Slack, you can get your generated 2FA codes by using the /tfa slash command.

You can even give access to those 2FA codes to any member of the team.

Give 2FA access to your team


The web app is built with Nuxt.js. Data is stored in a PostgreSQL db via Hasura. The API layer is built with serverless functions deployed on Cloudflare Workers.


teamFa was acquired in April 2022.

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