Profolio - Robust CRM for Property Management and Lead Tracking

Hamayun Zafar

Product Designer
UI Designer
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Background and Context

Pakistan is house to a large urban population that sees significant growth year-over-year. This directly leads to a need for housing, investing and real estate needs in general. This market consequentially is host to a large group of realtors who have to manage and advertise the properties on the country's top classifieds platforms as well as manage the relationships with the potential customers, track analytics of leads being generated..

I led the design effort for the research, ideation, designing and testing of Profolio. The process included analyzing the most used feature of the older variation of the CRM, interviewing some of the bigger real estate agencies that were working with Zameen and OLX at the time.

What is Profolio

Two main users for the Profolio platform
Our starting point, although filled with features, very little user engagement, high churn rate

The New Profolio

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