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A Landing Page That Will Describe Your Business Accurately 🚀!

The Main Section

Table of Contents 💾:

Project Overview 👀:

What Were The Client's Needs and Goals?

The client needed a one-page landing page to put in a lot of things, his articles, a gallery, a features section, a testimonials section, a team members section, a how it works section, a latest events section, a pricing plans section, a top videos section, and lastly a form for requesting a discount, he just really asked about these specific sections all together in one-page landing page so he can use it as a personal website that he can showcase in it his team members, his products, and even his life.


We have just built a simple landing page for him and fulfilled all his needs.

Technology Stack 💻:

  • Languages: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript;
  • CSS Pre-Processor: SCSS;
  • Animation: CSS Key Frames and Animation Property;

Project Highlights ✨:

🌑 One Mode? No, It isn't Enough!

As per the client's request, we have built the site with a Dark/Light mode feature, and not only that, we also added a "Right To Left" capability so he can use more than language and reach as many people as he needs.

Dark EN Mode
Light AR Mode

📖 Have any Thoughts? Just Write it Down!

He needed a place where he could share his thoughts with the world so we have built a small blog for him and put his articles on the landing page so it can be accessible.

Articles Section

🛠 What Makes Me Choose Your Team and Trust Them?

To demonstrate his team's capabilities, he wanted to provide proof. That's why we included three crucial sections: a feature section to highlight his best features, a services section to showcase what he offers, and a testimonials section to build trust with potential clients.

Features Section
Services Section
Testimonials Section

🌟 Proud of Your Team? Show That to The World!

No need to say more he is just proud of them.

Team Members Section

🕔 Have Events? When?

It's exactly what we said to him when he talked about his events so we put a latest events section and a countdown for the people to know when the event is.

Latest Events Section

💵 His Services Sure Cost a Money.

Another important section was the pricing plans section so he could show his prices alongside his services.

Pricing Plans Section

💸 Last But Not Least, Who Do Not Like Discounts?

Everybody likes discounts, right? So he asked for a whole section just for discounts.

Request A Discount Section

Project Process 🎯:

Actually, this project didn't take much process as The client provided a pre-designed landing page and clear requirements, allowing for seamless development. so we just jumped into development and it was easy and fast.

Project Impact ⛳:

The website is still a demo version and its impact on the company's business is yet to be seen. However, we have met all of the client's requirements. Stay tuned for updates!

Experience it Yourself 🍕:

Do you believe that this website is really that good? Why not try it out for yourself and experience everything it has to offer?

Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio project. Impressed? Please feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.

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