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Temitayo Giwa

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As someone who has worked in a lot of different roles, trying to communicate my experience and value in a resume has been difficult. My background is diverse. I’ve worked as a developer, consultant, marketing manager, data analyst and product manager. At the best of times, my resume looks like the super long dissertation of someone without focus. But my colourful background is one of my strengths, and in my current role as a product manager, understanding so many different aspects of a business is something that is highly desired.

But it takes a deep read of my resume to see that, and honestly, not many people take the time to read every single resume that they come across. For most of my career, my resume has failed at the one job that I’ve hired it to do. Communicate my value.

So when I came across Contra, a new way to showcase myself, that focuses on my successes, not my roles I was extremely excited.

Looking over the website, I loved what Contra brought to the table. It was so different from every other job or freelancing site out there. I loved that it referred to its members as independents, which suited my digital nomad lifestyle so much better than the chained down and stuffy “contractor” title that other sites used.

The concept of building a network through my relationships and collaborations instead of my resume also excited me. Almost every independent project I’ve gotten has been through “a friend of a friend” so I fully understand the power of the network when it comes to getting and winning opportunities.

Finally, I loved the flexibility in setting up your profile and the services you offer. Instead of being locked into a fixed skillset that you provide. You can create your own services, which is great for people like me who are multi-talented or offer services that don’t fit into a particular category easily.

Contra really does seem like the best place for someone like me, a digital nomad that focuses on providing value rather than on climbing a particular career ladder. And I’m super excited to see what the future holds not just for me on Contra but for the platform as well.


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