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Godfred Brako

Brand Designer
Logo Designer
Visual Designer
Adobe Illustrator


Polldeck is a platform for data collection and analytics providing enterprises with timely, useful insights. Organizations can use the platform to analyze and visualize data that has been stored in silos to derive insights for decision-making.

The challenge

As with most new businesses, Polldeck required a memorable and engaging visual identity to launch their endeavor. They desired a striking statement that was consistent with their values — an image that embodies trust and approval.

The solution

After taking my time to conduct a proper assessment of the situation at hand, I came up with the multilayered, curled corner chat bubble that contains the initial Polldeck. The upvote icon forms a negative space in the initial and blends into the bubble seamlessly. This illustration perfectly captures what Polldeck was trying to communicate — a trusted platform for engaging people on data collection and analytics.

Name combination

Primary logo — stacked

Secondary logo — horizontal

Logo stickers

Branded apparel

Customer satisfaction

The folks at Polldeck have been ecstatic about how their visual identity has been a crucial component of their marketing efforts when working with diverse businesses, including nonprofits, government agencies, and international development agencies. Knowing how successful this initiative has performed for Polldeck is gratifying.

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