Case Study: Community Support at Contra

Celia Mesa

Customer Support Representative
Community Manager
Community Support Specialist

Overview 🔎

As a Community Support freelancer at Contra, my main goal was to bring the brand tone to all communications while keeping the Independents and Clients at the centre. Working closely with the Community team, I provided personalized assistance via Slack, Intercom, and internal operations. This case study highlights my resourcefulness in resolving cases and my positive energy that contributed to the team's success.

Onboarding process led by Madi at Contra with the breakdown of my tasks.

Project Details 🤝

During this collaboration, I actively participated in meetings with other team members to understand internal goals. I pitched ideas for helpful communication and developed creative thinking skills. Additionally, I leveraged conflict resolution abilities when assisting Contra community members. Challenges included onboarding onto platforms like Intercom and Retool but were overcome through time management skills, transparent communication, and adaptability.

Results ✨

The results were reflected in positive reactions from the community who appreciated our helpful assistance and empathetic tone of voice. Through effective communication strategies, we made users feel seen and understood within our platforms: Slack and Intercom.

Feedback from the Community via Intercom.

Conclusion 💥

This case study showcases my successful adjustment into a new role within a vast community like Contra's. It highlights my ability to learn new tools quickly while delivering value through effective communication strategies. My contributions have positively impacted the Contra community by putting their progress first.

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