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Kristine Vilnite

Framer Developer
Framer Designer

Welcome to the showcase of my collaboration with eCOMHUB Agency, a stellar brand in the e-commerce world.


eCOMHUB Agency is not just another player in e-commerce – they are trailblazers, reshaping the landscape with cutting-edge strategies. As they are constantly elevating their game, they recognised the need for a digital representation that mirrored their energy and expertise.

Client Review

Kristine did amazing work for our company and upgraded the structure and design of our digital presence. 1000% recommendation, don't miss a chance to work with her!


  1. Redesign the existing website;
  2. Create 2 New Pages.

Timeline: 1 month

Thank You for your interest in my work. I kindly welcome you to reach out! 🤍 Kristine

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