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Graphic Designer
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Framer Designer

Welcome to the showcase of my collaboration with Rae, a magical woman that holds power to transcend the space, time and humans. :)


Rae is a healer, feminine alchemist, quantum healer, mentor, yogi..

Client Review

Working with Kristine went beyond simply having someone build my website. It was a profound experience of discovering my personal blueprint and how I wished to present myself to the world in the virtual realm. She supported me every step of the way, attentively listening to the subtle nuances of my needs. She created an immersive experience, respecting my pace and availability. The final result surpassed my expectations, instilling in me a newfound confidence in my offerings.


  1. Create a unique personal website representing the alchemy that is Rae's work;
  2. Design the vision, symbols, graphics;
  3. Create a CMS system for Products.

Timeline: 2 months

Thank You for your interest in my work. I kindly welcome you to reach out! 🤍 Kristine

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