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Kristine Vilnite

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Welcome to the showcase of my collaboration with Victoria Hammel, a wonderful woman turning her challenges and hurdles into strengths paving the path for others to transform themselves as well.


Victoria through intense inner work, has emerged as a transformed individual, now living a life she once considered unimaginable. She is packaging her journey, experience and knowledge into guidance for others to embark on their own transformative journey.

Client Review

Kristine was wonderful to work with. She’s incredibly fast, responsive & we collaborative worked through things when I requested it. Being a designer, I can be quite picky, but Kristine executed on my requests effortlessly.


  1. Support Vicky's design with necessary adjustments;
  2. Fix overall alignment, spacing, sizing etc;
  3. Assure website is optimised and responsive.

Timeline: 2 days

Thank You for your interest in my work. I kindly welcome you to reach out! 🤍 Kristine

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