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Welcome to the showcase of my personal project I did together with my sister, the Flow&Find, a deck of 32 visually captivating mindfulness cards, that fuses design, technology, and mindfulness.


Flow&Find is not just a product; it's a state of being. Committed to promoting mindfulness and self-discovery, the project aims to create a unique set of mindfulness cards and an immersive digital experience to accompany them.


It was a pleasure to work with Kristine. She has a great sense of design combined with a technical knowledge base and curiosity for new solutions. She delves into every detail and won't stop until everything is perfect. Definitely exceeded my expectations! Excellent work!


1. Designing the cards

I created cards using Midjourney and Figma. Each card was meticulously crafted to embody human emotion and invoke a sense of contemplation.

2. Branding

Crafting a brand that resonates with the ethos of mindfulness, my sister and I, developed a cohesive identity across various touch points.

  • Visual Identity: The logo, colour palette, and typography were chosen to reflect tranquility, balance, and the organic connection between mind and nature.
  • Social Media Presence: We extended the brand into social media, creating engaging visuals and content to amplify the Flow&Find's digital footprint and foster a community of mindful individuals.

3. Framer Website

To complement the preparation for launching the physical cards, I created the Flow&Find website.

Thank You for your interest in my work. I kindly welcome you to reach out! 🤍 Kristine

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