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Kristine Vilnite

Framer Developer
Framer Designer

Welcome to the showcase of my collaboration with Sebastien Toupy, CEO and Founder of Future Education OÜ.


Sebastien Toupy is an inspirational community builder, strategist, entrepreneur, speaker, and a great friend. His capacity to maintain highest quality and attention to detail with every project he embarks on is absolutely admirable so when he approached me asking if I would build a website for his latest company Future Education OÜ, it was an instant yes!

Client Review

Working with Kristine was an absolute pleasure! She is responsive, reliable and truly wants to understand your vision in order to find the best way to bring it to life. From start to finish through the ups and downs she was positive and solution oriented. She strikes a good balance between listening to your input and bringing her own ideas to see what works and what doesn’t. I am excited to finalise a successful collaboration in the coming weeks and to be working on next projects in the future!


  1. Choosing the right Framer template for the company;
  2. AI assisted logo;
  3. Customise chosen template according to client's branding;
  4. Create graphics;
  5. Set up 2 CMS for partners and students.

Timeline: 2 weeks

Thank You for your interest in my work. I kindly welcome you to reach out! 🤍 Kristine

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