20 Best Curly Haired Cartoon Characters Yet

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Curly hair represents free will and the power to resist, to overcome.

It comes as no surprise that cartoon characters with curly hair live up to all that and more. What we get are perhaps the most inspiring cartoon characters yet.

Here is my list of the Top 20 Best Curly Hair Cartoon Characters I have encountered to date.

Top 20 Curly Hair Cartoon Characters

19. Linguini – Ratatouille 

Starting the list of cartoon characters with curly hair is the chef from Ratatouille, Linguini a personal all-time favorite character for me.

Heir to legendary chef Gusteau’s legacy, as his son, Linguini gets a job at the famed Gusteau fine diner, but not as a chef. As a janitor thanks to the prickly head chef who now runs eatery.

Yet he cooks up startling recipes. Well, not Linguini but a mouse and that’s where all fun and the lessons are. Anyone can cook!

18. Ginger Foutley – As Told by Ginger

One of the first female curly hair cartoon characters to be on the list is from the show “As Told by Ginger,” which is narrated by Ginger herself.

She is usually seen with her best friends, Dodie and Macie. While they are very supportive of Ginger, she wants to upgrade her social circle by hanging out with rich, cool kids like Courtney.

Throughout the show, she discovers the truth about friendships, loyalty, and the power of standing up against wrongs.

17. Otto Rocket – Rocket Power

When Nickelodeon showed Rocket Power, many viewers were quick to like Otto, as he showed great skill in many sports like surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

He is a natural daredevil who always wants to impress his friends with every new stunt and adrenaline-pumped dare.

Otto is an inspiration for many kids to head outdoors, play sports, and take life to the extreme.

16. Reggie Rocket – Rocket Power

Among the people of Ocean Shores, Reggie Rocket is at the top of most people’s lists when they think of extreme sports. She’s a cool, outdoorsy girl with great ambitions.

She is the “big sister” in the group. They have many adventures in Ocean Shores and help the community keep the beach clean and tidy.

She’s an aspiring publisher who made Reggie’s Zine magazine, which highlights her Power Surfer Girls movement and other sports-relevant content.

15. Carl Wheezer – The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Nickelodeon’s show The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron features Carl Wheezer, one of the most famous curly hair animated characters around with his memes and all that.

He is Jimmy’s annoying friend who likes food and llamas. Carl also has a crush on Jimmy’s mom, Judith.

Underneath the friendship is an envy of Jimmy’s IQ, as Carl is self-conscious and insecure about his own intellect and how Jimmy would get attention for his inventions.

14. Vince LaSalle – Recess

When the bell at Third Street School rings, the kids come out to play. One of these kids is Vince LaSalle of “Disney’s Recess.” He hangs out with the Recess gang and is one of the cool kids on the playground.

Vince is a kickball star, and as one of the best players in the group, he can sometimes get carried away with the fun and become extra competitive.

He will stand as a champion of justice for the little kids in the playground and defend them from bullies of higher grades.

13. Jonathan Loughran – Hotel Transylvania

This happy-go-lucky backpacker starts in Hotel Transylvania. Jonathan is an easy-going vacationer who managed to accidentally find the monster hotel and has never wanted to leave since.

He first met Dracula who owns the hotel, and fell in love with his daughter Mavis. Together, she and Jonathan have been inseparable from their relationship and their eventual wedding in the second film.

The Hotel Transylvania series shows how Jonathan can mature and become a responsible father to his son Dennis even as he balances his childish personality.

12. Corvus – The Dragon Prince

As part of the Crownguard, Corvus is a no-nonsense hunter who uses his skills to track down and recover Princes Ezran and Callum.

He is a skilled tracker who pursues the two princes at the start of the show. Corvus was able to even capture Rayla, whom he saw as one of the elven assassins, but only to find out the truth.

Though this mission has changed, Corvus is loyal and has stayed to serve the newly crowned king Ezran

11. Susie Carmichael – The Rugrats

The babies from Rugrats met a new older kid who became their friend. Susie Carmichael was a recurring guest character on the show.

She is first seen with curly hair tied up in braids and the intellect to teach the baby many things about the world around them. She even understands a lot about adults.

While the babies adore Susie, it’s the bratty Angelica that would come at odds with Susie often, even with the Rugrats sequel “All Grown Up.”

10. Chuckie Finster – The Rugrats

This sweet yet easily scared toddler is Chuckie Finster. As the oldest of the playgroup, Chuckie plays second fiddle to Tommy Pickles, whom he considers his best friend. 

While adventurous with Tommy, Chuckie is usually anxious about everything; his worst fears are clowns, as they scare him and give him nightmares.

He has been longing for a new mom and found her in Kira and his new sister Kimy, from the Rugrats in Paris movie. Chuckie has lived happily since.

9. Gerald Martin Johanssen

In the show Hey Arnold, we get to learn about “football head’s” best friend Gerald. He is active in any sport, such as baseball.

Gerald’s hair looks like an upside-down microphone, which reflects his musical abilities for singing and playing the piano.

He is usually the storyteller for episodes that involve urban legends. Gerald is able to play it cool both as the president of the class and as part of the fourth-grade group.

8. Static – Static Shock

Among the many members of the Justice League is a superhero who is shockingly underrated. Static from Static Shock rises to that occasion as an inspiration to the youth.

We meet him as an average teen who has to struggle with gang violence, drugs, and racism. He helps fight crimes on the streets with the power of electromagnetism.

His approach to taking down supervillains works by combining his powers with little science gadgets made possible by his friend Gear.

7. Marge Simpson – The Simpsons

  • Age: 36
  • Height: 8’6 (with hair) 5’4-5’8 (without)
  • Voice Actor: Julie Kavner

This lady manages to keep the Simpson family together. Marge stands out as one of the famous curly hair cartoon characters, with her blue hair that is tall enough to be seen everywhere.

She has episodes in which her hair plays out in many different types of situations. When she’s stressed out, it can get frizzy and hide things too.

Marge is a kind woman, whose hard work as a mother is best seen taking care of the household. 

6. Butthead – Beavis and Butthead

  • Age: 14-17
  • Height: 5’5
  • Voice Actor: Mike Judge

As chill as the couch that he frequents with Beavis, Butthead is seen to frequently hurt and abuse him with insults and slapping.

In rare moments, Butthead will encourage and feel sorry for Beavis just so they can go home or meet their goals.

They hang out with each other and share the same interests, jobs, and goals of “scoring with chicks.” Their musical tastes also match as they headbang to heavy metal.

5. Ezran – The Dragon Prince

This adventurous prince saved the entire continent of Xadia. Prince Ezran is a curious human child who took on the mission to deliver a lost dragon’s egg to the elves and make peace for both races.

His compassion extends to his care for animals, especially the newly hatched dragon, Azymondias.

While dependent on Callum and Rayla to help him during their adventures, Ezran grows up to take the crown and secure lasting peace for the human kingdom of Katolis.

4. Tip Tucci – Home 

  • Age: 14-15
  • Height: 
  • Voice Actor: Rihanna

As a rebellious teen, Tip Tucci nearly escapes her home, only for her to rediscover what it really means.

When the earth is invaded by a race called the Boov, she accidentally encounters a Boov named Oh, who is on a mission to return to his own people. Together, the two will embark on a worldwide road trip with a decked-out hovercar, music, and laughter.

Oh and Tip would each share pieces of their respective worlds and form an unlikely friendship that is tested and ultimately triumphs.

3. Merida – Brave

With the curliest haired and the deadliest aim from the highlands comes Merida. An expert marksman hers is a story of freedom and to fight for freedom and for family.

She is the curly hair cartoon character from Disney, free-spirited, rebellious, and with a big heart. She does find her mother against her, who values family and tradition above all. But her fight is just.

At her whims, she does curse her mother to transform into a bear. She regrets it when her mother does become a bear and thus starts her journey to bring her mother back. This sets up a heartwarming tale of family and bonds and the struggle of a young girl undoing the wrongs.

2. Moana – Moana

Far out in the island village of Motunui is a girl who would save her tribe and reclaim their heritage and her birthright. Moana is a Disney princess, the daughter of the chieftain, and she was to take responsibility for her tribe’s future.

But she does not know how and there starts her journey. Helped by her grandmother, she took to the seas, to find the source of a life-threatening blackness, and save her tribe.

Along the way, she meets the demigod Maui who teaches her the ways of the old and the new. They made for a great friendship until a hidden truth was revealed. Moana was able to solve the problems with her adventurous spirit; she showed viewers that not all obstacles can be solved just by brute force but by a kind heart.

1. Mirabel Madrigal – Encanto

This plucky girl tops the list of curly-haired heroines, with her name being Mirabel Madrigal. We get to meet her and her family through the first musical number of the movie.

In the first scenes of Encanto, there is a ceremony for each gifted member of the Madrigal family and how they use these gifts for the good of all. Mirabel was unfortunate not to have had hers, and she had to sit it out.

Even though she thinks she has no special abilities, Mirabel’s power is to mend the family’s wounds.

By bringing together the pain of Abuella and her three children, like her uncle Bruno, and letting them make amends, the entire family witnessed Mirabel’s gift, and that is a real superpower many would want to have.

That’s it!

That concludes this list of curly hair cartoon characters, from rebellious teens to happy-go-lucky protagonists. Hopefully, it is inspirational enough to see the diversity and fun that these hairstyles have and give ideas for what movies or shows to watch next.

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