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Freya is a Subscription based Ecommerce Brand, that offers Women a practical way to always have Tampons and/or pads on-hand. The company uses a very friendly approach to ensure women are in a safe space to buy and interact with the website. The branding also makes sure to include traces of minimal design and pastel colors, in order to enhance its tone and voice when connecting with its users.

The project's overall mission was to design a full Ecommerce Website experience, including the shopping flow for subscription and user recurring payments. At the end I also was responsible for designing Social Media Assets and some other graphics for the brand, including packaging and animations.

To get started, here is an overview of the project:

Project Introduction

Mobile First Design

One of the pain points for this project was the need of the website being mobile friendly, as a very large amount of the users would access it through their smartphones or smaller devices. That's why the mobile-first approach was chosen for this project, and here is the results of our mobile designs:

Mobile Pages Designed

Desktop Design

While mobile design plays a crucial role in such scenario, we shouldn't forget about Desktop devices, where the experience of interacting with a mobile website shines and prevails. Check our designs here below:

Desktop Pages Designed

Social Media Assets

Last but not least, I wanted to bring out some of the social media assets designed for this project. The focus was to maintain the same style and voice as the website, keeping the image friendly and minimalistic, looking to create a personal connection between brand and users.

Social Media Designs
Some Mockups to Finish the Presentation

Thank You for Watching!

If you want to see the project into Behance, access this link.

For more information on my work and experience, access these pages:

That's it, have an awesome day! :D

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