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Realistically Living is a podcast created by Narkelia Carr she shares about living a life of progress in Christ.

  1. Project Kickoff and Briefing: We initiated the project with an in-depth consultation to identify the necessary systems for establishing a community around Realistically Living, understanding Narkelia's objectives, and devising strategies to support her in achieving them.
  2. Confirmation and Communication: Upon confirming our services, we ensured transparent and thorough communication with the client. This encompassed grasping the client's vision, preferences, and any specific requirements.
  3. Onboarding through Indy: To streamline information gathering, we utilized Indy, setting up a client portal to host all pertinent details, documents, and branding assets. Contractual agreements and proposals were signed within this platform.
  4. Client Input and Feedback: The client was granted access to the portal, empowering them to actively participate in the creative process. They provided input, feedback, and made specific requests, ensuring that their vision was displayed and polished to their liking.
  5. Conceptualization and Development: Our creative team curated the necessary resources and systems tailored to enhance the Realistically Podcast. This included securing her official domain name, setting up a professional email address, and establishing a Flodesk account. Visual aid documents were also provided using scribe for clarity.
  6. Flodesk Walkthrough, Setup, and Training: We arranged a personalized session with Narkelia to walk her through Flodesk's features, simplifying the setup process. As part of this, we integrated an official link in her bio directly within Flodesk, ensuring that all traffic has a seamless opportunity to join her email list.

Project Duration: 2 Weeks

Launch Date: Monday April 1st, 2024


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