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The creative process for launching Jess So Real's new book and spoken word single, "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Called," involves a strategic and integrated approach. Here's the step-by-step process | March 2023 - August 2023

  1. Project Kickoff and Briefing:
    • The process begins with a detailed briefing and kickoff meeting. We gather information about Jess So Real, her artistic style, and the thematic elements of the book and spoken word single. Understanding the essence of her work is crucial to creating impactful visuals.
  2. Conceptualization and Theme Development:
    • Our creative team brainstorms and develops a concept that aligns with Jess So Real's artistic identity and the message of "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Called." This involves considering visual motifs, color schemes, and overall themes that resonate with the spoken word artist's unique style.
  3. Book Cover Design:
    • The design of the book cover is a pivotal aspect of the project. We create multiple design options for "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Called" book cover, incorporating elements that capture the spirit of the spoken word piece. Jess So Real is involved in the decision-making process, providing feedback on design choices.
  4. Spoken Word Single Release Cover Artwork:
    • Simultaneously, we worked on the cover artwork for the spoken word single release. This involved elements that complement the book cover design and a cohesive visual identity for the entire project.
  5. Custom Social Media Templates:
    • To build anticipation and engage the audience, we designed custom social media templates. These templates feature snippets of the book cover, spoken word single artwork, and relevant promotional content. Consistency in branding across social media platforms is maintained for a unified and recognizable presence.
  6. Collaborative Review with Jess So Real:
    • Regular check-ins and collaborative reviews are conducted with Jess So Real throughout the process. This ensures that she is actively involved in decision-making, providing feedback on designs and suggesting any adjustments needed.
  7. Website Design and Development:
    • Simultaneously, we worked on designing and developing Jess So Real's official website through Wix. The website serves as a central hub for her artistic endeavors, featuring sections dedicated to the book and the spoken word single. It was designed to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and reflective of Jess So Real's brand.
  8. Launch Preparation:
    • As the release date approaches, we prepare for the launch by coordinating promotional activities. This may include teaser campaigns on social media, countdowns, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content to build excitement.
  9. Launch Day Execution:
    • On Saturday, August 19th, 2023, the book and spoken word single are officially launched. We ensured that all promotional materials, including the book cover, single artwork, and social media templates, are deployed across relevant platforms for maximum impact.

By following this comprehensive creative process, we not only showcased Jess So Real's artistic talent but also created a memorable and immersive experience for her audience surrounding the release of "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Called."


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