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Graphic Designer

Creating a booking flyer for Shelby Greer, a singer and background vocalist, involves a thoughtful and visually compelling design process.

  1. Client Consultation:
    • Initiate a consultation with Shelby Greer to understand her preferences, target audience, and key details about her singing style and background vocal services. Gather information on the type of events she wants to be booked for, such as concerts, weddings, or studio sessions.
  2. Define Key Information:
    • Determine the essential information to be included in the booking flyer. This may include Shelby's name, professional title (singer and background vocalist), contact information, a brief bio, services offered, and high-quality images of Shelby during performances.
    • To streamline the information-gathering process, we utilize Milanote, a collaborative platform. We create a dedicated Milanote board containing onboarding information tailored to the client's project. This board serves as a dynamic and visual space for collecting inspiration, color preferences, genre specifics, and any other relevant details.
  3. Design Concept Development:
    • Brainstorm and develop design concepts that reflect Shelby Greer's musical style and personality. Consider color schemes, typography, and imagery that resonate with the genre of music she specializes in.
  4. Layout and Composition:
    • Plan the layout and composition of the flyer. Allocate space for images, text, and contact details in a visually appealing manner. Ensure that the design is balanced and guides the viewer's eye smoothly through the content.
  5. High-Quality Imagery:
    • Select high-resolution images of Shelby Greer that capture her stage presence and vocal prowess. Images should evoke a sense of her musical energy and connect with potential clients.
  6. Typography and Branding:
    • Choose fonts that complement Shelby's brand and the overall aesthetic of the flyer. Establish a consistent branding style, incorporating any existing logos or visual elements associated with Shelby Greer.
  7. Incorporate Testimonials or Endorsements:
    • If available, include positive testimonials or endorsements from previous clients or collaborators. This adds credibility and reinforces Shelby's reputation as a skilled singer and background vocalist.
  8. Contact and Booking Information:
    • Clearly display Shelby's contact information for booking inquiries. Include multiple contact options such as email, phone, or a booking website if applicable.
  9. Draft Review with Shelby Greer:
    • Share a draft of the booking flyer with Shelby for review. Gather feedback on the overall design, content, and any specific details she would like to adjust or emphasize.
  10. Finalization:
    • Make necessary revisions based on feedback and finalize the booking flyer. Ensure that the design is optimized for both digital and print formats.

By following these steps, our creative process aimed to produce a visually stunning and informative booking flyer that effectively showcases Shelby Greer's talents and encourages potential clients to book her for their events or projects.


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