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Graphic Designer
Brand Strategist
Creative Director

Creating a brand design, development, and content recording strategy for International Recording Artist, Talk Show Host, and Model Keri Nicole involves a multifaceted approach to capture the essence of her diverse talents.

Brand Design and Development:

  1. Discovery Meeting with Keri Nicole:
    • Initiate a comprehensive meeting with Keri Nicole to understand her multifaceted identity, brand values, mission, and target audience. Identify key elements that reflect her as a Recording Artist, Talk Show Host, and Model.
  2. Competitive Analysis:
    • Research competitors and industry trends across the music, talk show, and modeling domains to identify visual opportunities and unique positioning for Keri Nicole.
  3. Brand Strategy Session:
    • Conduct a brand strategy session to define the visual identity, including colors, typography, imagery style, and any specific symbols or icons that can represent Keri Nicole across her varied roles.
  4. Logo Concept Development:
    • Begin the logo design process, creating multiple concepts that seamlessly blend her identity as a Recording Artist, Talk Show Host, and Model. Collaborate with Keri Nicole to refine and select a final logo concept that resonates with her brand.
  5. Client Collaboration and Feedback:
    • Engage in open communication with Keri Nicole throughout the design process, ensuring her input is considered at every stage. Make necessary iterations to align the final logo with her unique identity.
  6. Brand Collateral Design:
    • Extend the brand design to collateral items, including business cards, letterheads, and promotional materials relevant to her roles as an artist, host, and model.
  7. Style Guide Development:
    • Create a comprehensive brand style guide that outlines the chosen elements, usage guidelines, and specifications for maintaining consistency in all her brand communications.

Location Scouting for Content Prep and Filming Day:

  1. Define Content Goals:
    • Collaborate with Keri Nicole to define content goals across her roles – whether it's music videos, talk show episodes, or modeling shoots.
  2. Identify Content Requirements:
    • Determine the type of locations and settings required for content creation. Consider thematic elements that align with her diverse brand.
  3. Location Scouting:
    • Scout potential filming locations, ensuring they cater to the varied content requirements – from music video aesthetics to talk show set-ups and modeling environments.
  4. Coordinate Logistics:
    • Plan logistics for content preparation, considering the equipment, wardrobe changes, and personnel needed for a successful filming day encompassing all her roles.

Content Recording Day:

  1. Preparation and Setup:
    • Set up the chosen location with lighting, camera equipment, and any props or branding elements needed for the recording across her roles.
  2. Content Filming:
    • Execute the content plan, recording videos or capturing visuals according to the predefined goals. Ensure that each aspect reflects the unique identity of Keri Nicole in her roles as an artist, host, and model.
  3. Quality Assurance:
    • Monitor the recording process, checking for audio and video quality, and addressing any issues promptly to maintain the highest standards.
  4. Post-Production:
    • Edit and refine the recorded content, adding any necessary graphics, animations, or branding elements to enhance the visual appeal and coherence across different content pieces.
  5. Client Review:
    • Share the edited content with Keri Nicole for review. Gather feedback and make necessary revisions to align the final product with her vision.
  6. Delivery of Final Content:
    • Provide Keri Nicole with the finalized content in the required formats, ensuring she has all the necessary files for distribution across various platforms and roles.

By following this comprehensive process, the goal was to create a brand design and content strategy that seamlessly integrates Keri Nicole's identity as an International Recording Artist, Talk Show Host, and Model, while delivering high-quality and impactful content for her audience.


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