Family Tree Care Brand Design & Implementation

Marley Slade

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Family Tree Care needed a new updated web presence to bring in more clients. I worked on creating a clear brand guide for any projects moving forward. I then remade their dated website, updated social media channels, and created content. I also worked on a variety of print materials like stamps, t-shirts, stickers, and truck/car decals.

Problem & Solution

The company needed an updated and cohesive brand presence.

Goals/Requirements: • Redesign the website to appeal to the modern customer • Establish consistent branding on all print and "real world" items • Create a cohesive social media presence across platforms


I started out by defining the brand identity. I gathered old brand materials from the 90s and discussed the desired brand direction with the owners. After creating a clear brand guide, I used it to design all other aspects of the business.


Family Tree Care has greatly improved web traffic, targeting specific locations and demographics that can be converted. Their company is highly recognized by their matching blue trucks and their branded mini coopers. Additionally their social media following is growing and they are prepared to launch a facebook campaign.

I loved how much information there is on the website. I learned about the history of tree removal and different services they provide.

Sarah Phillips Client


This project made me realize how important a brand guide is. One of the challenges was that the co-owner is color-blind, so having something concrete for him to refer to was helpful when he started ordering more merchandise.

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