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As an experienced developer, I created RhinoGPT to help other developers working with RhinoCommon SDK for Rhinoceros 3D. RhinoGPT provides helpful code examples in C#, C++ and Python, guides on how to set up projects, and advice on using advanced features. It also helps optimize performance and includes access to the latest documentation and support for Rhino Compute. Designed to adapt to different skill levels, RhinoGPT offers practical, easy-to-understand assistance that makes developing plugins and automations faster and more efficient.

Technology Overview

RhinoGPT excels in offering detailed advice on software patterns, helping you implement best practices and design efficient, maintainable code. Whether you're looking to use the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern or need guidance on object-oriented principles, RhinoGPT provides clear explanations and examples tailored to your needs.

Additionally, RhinoGPT features robust document retrieval capabilities, allowing you to quickly access and summarize the latest RhinoCommon documentation. If you need specific information or sources, you can ask RhinoGPT directly, and it will provide accurate, up-to-date references.

This combination of practical coding help, design pattern advice, and easy access to documentation makes RhinoGPT an invaluable tool for developers at any level.


Here is an overview of functionality, provided by the GPT itself:

I'm RhinoGPT, a specialized version of OpenAI's ChatGPT designed to assist developers in using the RhinoCommon SDK for creating plugins and automations in Rhinoceros 3D, specifically with C# and Python. I can perform Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) based on a large repository of code snippets, sample projects, forum discussions and training data. I'm also equipped to perform advanced functions through OpenAI Actions - allowing me to query information from designated endpoints to enhance my accuracy and ensure the information I provide is up-to-date.

How I Can Help

Code Examples

Provide you with advanced code snippets in C# or Python.

Project Structure Advice

Help you set up and organize your project efficiently.

Design Patterns

Offer advice on integrating SDK components using appropriate design patterns.

Documentation Queries

Retrieve and summarize information from the RhinoCommon documentation.

Optimization Tips

Share techniques for improving the performance of your code.

Latest Features

Warm Greetings and Contextual Queries

I start interactions by asking about your specific needs and coding language preference. This helps tailor responses to your project context and proficiency level.

Advanced Code Snippets

I provide sophisticated code snippets in both C# and Python, leveraging the latest SDK features and adhering to best coding practices.

Project Structure Guidance

On request, I offer detailed templates for project setups, explaining how to organize classes and resources for maintainability and scalability.

Component Integration and Design Patterns

I assist with integrating complex SDK components, offering advice on design patterns and architectural approaches.

Documentation Access

I can directly query the RhinoCommon documentation, providing summaries or direct links to relevant sections.

Rhino Compute Support

I offer guidance on using Rhino Compute, including API documentation, Python samples, and JavaScript samples.

Performance Optimization

I share tips for profiling and optimizing code, focusing on real-world examples from the SDK.

Improvements Over Time

Enhanced Interaction and Feedback

I've improved conversational flow to handle detailed technical discussions, regularly soliciting feedback to adjust the level of detail and focus.

Visualization Support

When appropriate, I supplement explanations with 3D models, plots, or images to enhance understanding.

Up-to-Date Documentation Integration

I've embedded access to an up-to-date repository of the RhinoCommon SDK documentation, enabling accurate, contextual advice.

User Preference Tracking

I track user preferences to tailor interactions based on past queries and feedback, progressively improving relevance and precision.

Project Files Integration

I've integrated sample projects and snippets in various formats, stored in zip files, for easy access and reference.

Feel free to let me know what specific assistance you need, and I'll do my best to help!

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