Five Signs You Need a Copywriter

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Whether it’s on a landing page, in an email, or within your product, a Copywriter is responsible for bringing your brand’s message to life. With a blend of communication, problem-solving, and strong writing skills, a Copywriter can help deliver cohesive messaging across all of your channels. In this article, we’ll go over what a Copywriter is, reasons why you’d need a Copywriter on your team, and how they can bring value to your startup.

What does a Copywriter do? 👀

With strong skills in written and verbal communication, Copywriters will work to relay a company’s message, mission, and purpose to their targeted users and community with different strategies. Their work can be seen across different social channels (ex. Instagram, Twitter, etc) and/or different mediums (ex. Newsletters, Blogs, Advertisements, etc).

Five Signs You Need a Copywriter ⤵️

  1. If you’re struggling with grammar, vocabulary, or colorful language Have you written copy and noticed that it falls a bit flat? With strong written and verbal communication skills, Copywriters can collaborate with you and/or other team members to help them understand your brand’s mission, vision, and values to help fuel their copy creation process. 💥
  2. If you need an outsider’s perspective When working on a brand or product, the way it flows and works makes complete sense to you because you’re so familiar with it! While it may be easy for you to understand, it might not make sense to users who come across it. With a Copywriter, they can boil down processes to create copy that’s easily digestible for your user. 🤸
  3. If your SEO isn’t doing too hot SEO tends to be an afterthought, but think of it as something that comes alongside the creation of copy. Copywriters will educate themselves on the ins and outs of your brand or product, and identify ways to increase your SEO rankings. Whether incorporating keywords, creating articles, or linking to different parts of your brand, Copywriters have got you covered. 💪
  4. If it’s hard to make your brand voice heard/cohesive across channels Each person who works on your brand or product will see it differently— which can cause messaging inconsistency and misunderstanding. Copywriters are detail-orientated, and can context switch between different bodies of work (ex. UX writing to content creation) to ensure that all messaging is consistent across the board. 👀
  5. If you’re always playing catch up During the early stages of your startup, it’s completely normal to wear multiple hats. Just as the designs of your brand or product are important, having consistent, strong, and colorful copy is just as important to convey your message to the world! Hiring a Copywriter can help ease your workload, and provide clarity on what needs to be prioritized. 🎾

What value can a Copywriter bring to your startup? 🤔

The copy on your landing page is often the first thing a user will see when they visit your website. While creating clear copy to convey the purpose of your brand or product, Copywriters will often create copy that a user can deeply resonate with, which can result in higher retention and conversion rates.

Build trust in your community 🫂

Copywriters can help your brand become a thought leader in your designated space by communicating with your community. Whether it’s an email or an in-app notification, they’re the ones who’ll deliver all of the news to your community.

Deliver stakeholders’ needs 📬

Copywriters aren’t only writing to educate your community, but they’re also writing for investors, team members, and so many others. Their work touches all points of your business to ensure that your message is clear and intuitive to everyone.

Write with empathy ✍️

Writing for a specific group of individuals happens more often than not, and it can lead to a brand’s downfall. Copywriters will make sure that their work is readable by a wide variety of people — because those who understand your mission are more willing to stick by it versus ones who don’t!

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