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Use our go-to graphic designer job description if you’re looking to hire a freelancer. Also, check out the key considerations when posting a job.

Captivating graphics, compelling designs, pleasing aesthetics –– these are common themes in the graphic design universe. Having a talented graphic designer on your team is key to taking your company’s branding to the next level; the right freelancer can breathe life into your brand, engage your audience, and set your projects apart. And finding that perfect graphic artist starts with an effective job description.

In this guide, we’ll provide valuable tips to help you compose a compelling graphic designer job description with a ready-to-use template to start your hiring process immediately.

What is a graphic designer, and what do they do? 🤩

A graphic designer is a professional who combines expertise in art, technology, and communication to create visual content that conveys messages or ideas effectively. They use various design elements like typography, imagery, color, and layout to craft designs that can be used in multiple mediums, such as digital, print, and environmental graphics. 

Here’s a closer look at what graphic designers do:

  • Developing concepts
  • Creating designs
  • Seeking client feedback, and making requested changes
  • Finalizing designs
  • Collaborating with other designers and teams
  • Staying current with the latest trends and tools

Graphic designer job description template 📖

Creating a job description involves carefully outlining the role's expectations, responsibilities, key skills, and other requirements for graphic designers. A comprehensive and clear job description not only helps attract the right candidates but also sets the tone for their potential role within your organization. Here’s a template to guide you in crafting an effective job description for a graphic designer:

1. Role overview 📝

Provide a brief summary of what the role entails. Mention the importance of the position within the company and how it contributes to the overall goals. For example, you could say:

“We’re seeking a new graphic designer to join our team to create designs and visual concepts that inspire and captivate our target audiences while maintaining brand consistency.

“In this role, you’ll create a wide range of visuals across online and traditional media. To be successful, you'll need to be a go-getter, have brilliant attention to detail, and have the ability to transform abstract ideas into engaging designs.

“You should also possess exceptional problem-solving, design, and production skills to deliver creative ideas, tackle projects, and take on day-to-day assignments that support company initiatives and campaigns. 

“If you've put in the work and have experience working on a diverse range of projects in a fast-paced environment while maintaining high-quality output, you’ll fit right in!”

2. Graphic designer responsibilities 🤓

List the specific duties and tasks the graphic designer will perform. This could include designing marketing materials, collaborating with other teams on projects, and ensuring brand consistency across all visuals.

Here’s a templatized version of the roles and responsibilities:

  • Create a diverse range of graphics and layouts for product illustrations, company logos, sites, web pages, etc.
  • Prepare finished art using relevant software.
  • Coordinate and communicate with outside agencies, marketing, web designers, and art services when needed.
  • Contribute to team efforts by carrying out tasks as required.
  • Engage and communicate with clients about design and layouts.
  • Create and design various materials for traditional and digital media, ensuring designs align with brand guidelines and company vision.
  • Work closely with various departments –– including marketing, communications, and sales –– to create visual materials that effectively convey desired messages.
  • Illustrate concepts through examples of art arrangement, type, size, style, etc., and submit these for approval.
  • Review final layouts and act on feedback from stakeholders and the art director to refine and revise designs.
  • Continuously research current design trends, tools, and techniques to remain up-to-date, and produce relevant designs.
  • Design and produce multimedia campaigns for various platforms like social media, web, and email campaigns.
  • Maintain organized records and archives of past and current projects.

3. Key skills 🖥️

Highlight the essential skills needed for the role. You may include both hard skills (technical) and soft skills. Here are a few examples:

  • Demonstrable skills in the field with a strong portfolio
  • Have expertise in creating innovative, appealing design ideas
  • Possess excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Have time management and organizational skills to meet deadlines
  • Exhibit a commitment to continuously improving skills

4. Qualifications 📚

Specify the educational background, experience, and any other qualifications required for the role. Below are a few examples:

  • A bachelor's degree in graphic design or a related field in the design industry 
  • Three years of experience as a graphic designer or experience in a related field
  • Two to three years of experience (professional and academic) working with design software, including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Dreamweaver
  • Knowledge of graphic fundamentals, typography, design principles, layouts, and the web
  • Understanding of marketing, branding, and multimedia design

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Key considerations when writing a job description 🔥

Writing a job description for a graphic designer is a critical step in attracting the right talent. It requires a balance of clarity, detail, and appeal to ensure it resonates with potential candidates. Here are key considerations to keep in mind when crafting the perfect job description:

Clarity and specificity 💎

Be clear and specific about the role's responsibilities and requirements. Vague descriptions can lead to unqualified applicants. For instance, instead of just saying "design experience required," specify the type of design experience, such as experience in web design or print media.

Company culture and environment 🏢

Highlight your company's culture and work environment. Graphic designers often seek creative and supportive workspaces. Describe the team dynamics, company values, and any unique aspects of your workplace.

Career growth opportunities 📈

Mention opportunities for professional development and career advancement within your organization. Creative designers often look for roles where they can grow and evolve. Outline potential career paths or learning opportunities available.

Required tools and technology proficiency ⚒️

Clearly state the tools and software proficiency required for the role. For example, proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, or other design tools. This helps ensure candidates are well-equipped for the technical aspects of the job.

Compensation and benefits 💰

Although not always included in job descriptions, mentioning the compensation range and benefits can attract the right candidates. Graphic designers will want to know if the role offers competitive pay, health benefits, flexible hours, or other perks.

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Graphic designers are visual storytellers. They play a crucial role in branding, marketing, and communications, helping you convey the right message in an engaging and impactful way. 

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