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Discover the transformative power of leveraging a social media content creator for your brand.

Imagine capturing the attention of billions of people via a single click — that’s the power of social media. It’s an indispensable tool for brands to increase visibility, engage with customers, generate leads, and more.

Below, we’ll explain how social media platforms can turbocharge your trajectory, why content creation should be a cornerstone of your marketing master plan, and how to harness the talent of a savvy social media content creator. 

What is a social media content creator?📱

Social media content creators produce material for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Immersed in the ever-evolving, high-speed world of social media, they possess a unique, intuitive understanding of what’s trending and what resonates with the target audiences of the brands they represent. They create informative, captivating content based on this knowledge, keeping their finger on the digital pulse so you don’t have to. 

Their expertise in conveying a brand’s mission and narrative makes their role even more pivotal. They don’t merely post content; they tell a brand’s story, amplify your core values, create emotional connections, and bring fresh eyes to your platform.

Whether you want to attract young millennials, corporate professionals, or an audience somewhere in between, an independent content creator’s social media strategy is guaranteed to hit the sweet spot. 

When to hire a social media content creator 👨🏻‍💻

Knowing when to hire a social media content creator, community manager, or growth marketer is just as important as recognizing their value. Consider bringing one on board if you plan to scale your digital presence, or feel you don’t have time to manage your social media effectively. If your engagement rates are declining or stagnating or you're struggling to post consistently, these are clear indications that it’s time to call in professional help. 

Perks of hiring an independent social media content creator 👍

When you hire an Independent for social media content creation, you’re hiring a pair of fresh eyes to overhaul your marketing strategy and share your company’s brand and mission with the world. They’re tuned in to the ever-changing trends and bring the skills they’ve learned to the table. 

Here are a few perks of going this route: 

  • Their creative process is in full force. As Independents, social media content creators are free to express their ideas without going through different individuals to get approval for their work. This means you’ll be able to move ideas forward faster.
  • You’ll learn a lot. Independents have niched their skills to a T, and each Independent uses their marketing skills in diverse ways. You’ll learn a lot about the organization, batching content, analytics, and best practices for communication. 
  • A fresh perspective. An external content creator can look at your brand and identify unique angles and creative approaches for presenting your story. This fresh viewpoint can breathe new life into your content marketing.
  • Professionalism. A seasoned social media content creator offers professionalism that elevates your brand’s image. They’re experts at navigating social media’s unique culture and creating a content calendar tailored to each platform, resulting in increased engagement and more robust brand recognition.
  • It’s cost-effective. Hiring an Independent may be more affordable than employing an in-house, full-time social media manager. You can engage them part-time, on a project basis, or on a flexible contract, giving you greater control over your budget.

3 common misconceptions about social media content creators 😮

Social media content creators are not jacks and jills of all trades. This role is not a copywriter, graphic designer, or digital marketing role. Despite this, content creators often get sucked into roles that don’t necessarily meet their skillset, which is why it’s essential for clients to understand what they do (and don’t) do and the best practices for working with them. 

A few common misconceptions about what social media content creators do include the following:

  • Copywriting or content writing. It’s common practice for creators to write captions for social media posts or scripts for short-form videos, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that these creators write copy for long-form emails, blog posts, or websites. If you need help with longer-form content, consider hiring a copywriter. 
  • SEO and paid advertising. While some creators have experience putting money behind their content, this isn’t generally within their scope of work. If clients want to hire a creator for strategy over creation, they must clarify that to the creator at the beginning of the project or contract.
  • Analytics and return on investment (ROI). Clients (not creators) should set key performance indicators (KPIs) and note more significant outcomes they want to see. Creators can use this information to mesh social media trends with business goals to create creative and engaging content. 

Essential considerations when hiring a freelance social media content creator 👇

When searching for a freelance content creator, it’s essential to understand what you’re looking for. Excellent content creators utilize their multifaceted skills to take things to the next level for brands and individuals, but you need to hire someone who can tackle your needs. 

Social media content creator job descriptions typically include the following skills: 

  • Conceptualizing campaigns. A competent social media content creator conceptualizes and designs compelling campaigns. They brainstorm creative content ideas that align with your brand’s identity, values, and objectives and translate these ideas into engaging, impactful social media content.
  • Filming and editing videos. Video content, like the short-form videos you see on TikTok and Instagram Reels, is king. A skilled content creator has the technical ability to film high-quality videos, including knowledge of lighting and audio, and edit them to suit your brand’s style and tone.  
  • Writing captions and short bodies of work. On social media, written content is just as important as visual content. An effective content creator has strong writing skills for crafting compelling captions, tweets, and short bodies of work that tell your brand’s story and engage your audience.
  • Repurposing content across different platforms. Different social media platforms require different content and formats. A proficient content creator can repurpose and adapt content across platforms to maximize reach and engagement. 

3 reasons to hire a social media content creator 🤑

Hiring a social media marketing professional can revolutionize your brand’s online presence in multiple ways. Here are a few key reasons why making this decision can be game-changing for your brand:

  • It increases engagement. A skilled social media content creator or influencer knows how to craft content that sparks conversations, encourages shares, and incites reactions. This means more comments, likes, and shares for your profiles, which are essential for boosting brand awareness and credibility on these networks.
  • It saves time. Crafting high-quality social media content is time-consuming. Hiring a professional frees up valuable time you can spend on other crucial aspects of your business. 
  • It provides consistent, high-quality content. A considerable challenge for businesses on social media is posting high-quality content regularly. An independent content creator is skilled at consistently producing captivating, well-crafted content — after all, it’s what they do for a living.

Hire social media content creators on Contra 🫶

Contra is the Independent-first community and commission-free hiring platform empowering the future of work. We match Independents with flexible opportunities and clients with the perfect Independent for any project — from content creation to coding and more. Through our platform, you can effectively manage the process of hiring Independents, from reviewing social media content creator portfolios to sending contracts and bonuses.

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