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Sandi Dez

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✦ Collection of my web/app design projects for SaaS and tech businesses.

  1. Oscope

The smart security service for financial technology websites, this platform helps entrepreneurs secure their transactions and make more money through the safest, fastest, and smartest financial transactions.

2. Linoplan

A hero section view for the productivity app website. Over here we’ve provided a preview of the main features and tools of the app itself and put the focus on the ease of taking notes and digital sketching/drawing to grab the user's attention for the first impression of the app.

3. Zoho

This is the project management tool concept based on a website app (SaaS), this app surfaces the right tasks at the right times so you can focus your energy on the right things. With cloud sync, you can centralize all your work in one place.

4. Matter

A hero section view for the productivity app website. Over here we’ve provided a preview of the main features and tools as a service of the app that helps users be more productive in their work and personal lives, including project management tools, communication, collaboration platforms, time tracking, and file organization.

5. Escape

Travel web app that you can use on the go and offer a variety of services to make the travel experience more convenient and enjoyable for users. The app can connect users with local experiences, such as tours, foods, activities, shops, and events.

6. Integra

Website design for the payment processor integration software. Integra help SaaS companies and online marketplaces integrate their payment processor to get up and running faster.

The goal of the landing page is to explain that Integra makes it so much easier to get up and running with embedded payments.

7. Swift-X

Hero section of the payment gateway app concept, Swift-X is a software application that acts as an intermediary between an e-commerce website, a mobile app, or any other platform and the payment processor that receives the payment from the end-user.

8. Doorloop

Doorloop is a modern, easy-to-use, real estate property management software. This is one of the design options for the homepage to explore a new look and feel for the brand.

9. Geuno

the main home page in the hero section for the modern capital platform called Geuno. This platform transforms your future revenue streams into upfront capital for growth, without any hassle and is fully integrated with all your tools.

10. Paytech

The exploration of hero design for fintech and banking products.

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