Featured Android and iOS application with admin dashboard

Md Moniruzzaman

Mobile Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
React Native Developer

App UI and Description

I have designed and developed this application with an admin dashboard from scratch. I am alone finished this application design and development within 1 month. This application has three sections.

1) Frontend Application (Using React Native - Android and iOS Support)

2) Backend Development (Using NodeJS (NestJS), Express, MongoDB, GraphQL)

3) Admin Dashboard (Using React.js)

I have completed all these sections within the deadline, And I have built the application, then uploaded this application to the Play store (Which got approval within 2 days on the first attempt), and to the Apple app store (Which also got approved). The application is running in only the US region, I have hidden the application name and replaced that with a dummy name, as per direction from my client. This application contains many features and functionalities, and I have successfully implemented all of those, Images and pdf documents can describe what is there in a better way.

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