Keypress statistics app for tracking employee engagement to desk

Md Moniruzzaman

Backend Engineer
Fullstack Engineer
Desktop Apps Development

App Functionality and UI

Our client Jawad asked for a Cross-Platform Desktop application named "Keyboard Tracker" that supports Windows and macOS Platform and tracks keypress of the employee and show results with graphical visuals to know how much an employee is engaged with the keyboard. Features include,

✅ Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifetime Statistics of Keyboard and Mouse Press

✅ Easy navigation for changing timespan with left and right arrow

✅ Graphical visuals of results

✅ Downloadable (PDF) data

✅ Statistics can be sorted and can be searched by the key name

✅ Shows Hits per day (Hpd) of a key or mouse click)

✅ Shows ratios of key press (Which one engaged most)

✅ Graphs with 3 different types.

✅ Easy menubar to see graph content

✅ Export and Import Feature of the data

✅ Sends data to the central database of the company (Planned next)

✅ .... and more.

The top is a quick view of some windows of the application (Consider Image Resolution Quality)

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