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Md Moniruzzaman

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Website Functionality and UI

Clear Concept organization's website is a science and health-related responsive website where people can read articles, watch videos, ask any question and also can answer, book appointments for dietary guidelines, and can participate in science-related quiz competitions.

✔ Features for this Website

✅ Article and video article writing feature

✅ WYSIWYG HTML Editor with Collaborative Rich Text Editing

✅ Custom and secured quiz system with server-side time management (With auto-generation quiz result system)

✅ question-answering feature

✅ Dietary consultation feature

✅ Reliable review writing feature (only persons who get consulted can write reviews on that specific category)

✅ A super functional inner website search program (A keyword is enough to find anything).

✅ Separate beautiful admin dashboard for managing website

✅ Super accurate statistics for data.

✅ Point System for article and QnA writer

✅ Monthly top contributor statistics

✅ Custom notice board for website (Notice content is editable and written by WYSIWYG HTML Editor by the management personnel or admin)

✅ Dynamic social channel statistics (eg. Facebook Page Likes, Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers)

✅ User authentication (With the change, reset, forgot password options)

✅ Social login system (eg. Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google)

✅ Contact us feature

✅ Newsletter subscription feature

✅ .... and many more.

The top is a quick view of some pages of the website, visit the link for exploring more (Please consider the language as it's client native language.)

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