Alt JuIy 2023 | Event Branding

Artyom Aghinyan

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Tumo Center for Creative Technologies

Alt JuIy is an annual month-long event at TUMО which brings 150+ learning labs with specialists from renowned companies and institutions like Meta, Microsoft, Lego, New York University, Columbia University, SCAD, and more. 

The “blender” theme that our team came up with this year was all about how we were adding, mixing, and blending learning areas, professionals, TUMOians, and unlimited creativity to learn, grow, and create some awesome results. 

The youthful image of the hand-drawn logo, complemented by the color choice of yellow and red, characterizes and emphasizes the entire exciting mood of July.

A completely new font was designed to perfectly align with our brand personality. It was crafted in both English and Armenian and later became the standard for almost all our branding materials.

'Blender'-themed posters covered every corner of TUMO throughout July, showcasing each of the 13 focus areas, such as drawing, music, robotics, graphic design, etc.

Moreover, over 50 individual posters were created for all the learning labs, featuring their leaders and providing additional information.

How else could we spread the word about this fantastic event? Of course, with cool and eye-catching banners!

Unfortunately, a hurricane had different plans. It tore apart everything on the second day, but luckily, we had managed to take some photos before it hit.

The text on the stickers is adopted from old Armenian proverbs, the names of famous movies and TV series, or they are simply invented. The stickers are vibrant and convey a cheerful mood.

Levon Marukyan, Meri Avagyan, Meri Grigoryan, Lilit Mardanyan, Qatrin Burnazyan, Arman Sargsyan, Dina Yeghiazaryan, and me. 

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