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Dmitriy Honchar

Web Designer
UX Designer
UI Designer
Google Apps
Passage is a platform for building and connecting virtual and physical experiences. Easily integrate 3D video chat, presentations, collaboration, social functionality, and commerce. Passage unlocks a new level of interoperability for virtual assets, relationships, and reputation.

Once the research phase was completed, I began focusing on a crucial aspect of the design process - wireframing. I carefully considered the placement of content, structured the screens, and methodically incorporated all of the necessary features to ensure a well-defined vision.

Implementing a Design System enables a quicker development process, ensures consistency across all brand visual elements, maintains the platform, and allows for the seamless integration of new features.

Discover a variety of meta universe worlds, games, and upcoming festivals. Users can easily navigate and refine their search by applying filters or using search.
Browse through the community's social feed, share your own highlights and thoughts, and interact by leaving comments and reactions. Additionally, you can keep track of your profile summary and stay updated on your friends' activity feed.
Lo and behold, a magnificent fairy tale awaits you on the world page! But wait, there's more! You can not only join in the adventure, but also add it to your collection of beloved worlds. Take a gander at the description, stay in the loop with the latest news, check out what your buddies are up to, and catch up on all the recent posts in the social feed.
Passage offers a multitude of social and communication functionalities that allow you to connect with your friends anytime through a convenient chat & friend list system.
Take advantage of Passage's full-screen chat feature for a more immersive chatting experience. Don't forget to create group chats to bring everyone together and collaborate on your adventures.
Explore other users' profiles, follow your favorite accounts, stay up-to-date with the latest posts in their feed, and participate in friendly competitions by earning badges and achievements

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