Sebastian Camargo Tattoo Portfolio 🏆

Paul Lapkin

Art Director
Web Designer

Framer Landing Page and Photo Gallery

@Sebastian.Tattoo is a Blackwork Tattoo Artist from Toronto, specializing in Illustrative Blackwork and Geometric Tattoos.

Sebastian's Website features Bold Typography, Dynamic Scrolling Animations, and a Minimal Editorial Layout.

Made entirely with No-Code, this Website showcases the full power of Framer Sites.

🌐 Visit Live:

🎨 Responsibilities:

  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design and Development

🏆 Awards:

Sebastian Camargo Mobile Mockup
Sebastian Camargo Desktop Layouts
Sebastian Camargo Mobile Layouts
Sebastian Camargo Desktop Layouts
Sebastian Camargo Desktop Mockup
CSS Design Awards — Best Innovation, Best UI, and Best UX
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