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For many content managers, creating content can take be a large undertaking -- between conceptualizing the content, getting inspired by trends (and keeping up with trends), filming, editing, strategizing hashtags and more.

Then, think about multiplying the work by 3-4 other platforms. It isn't the most sustainable approach. Though, each platform caters toward certain messaging, audiences, hashtags, and post-types -- the question becomes: how do we create a top of funnel strategy to fuel our content across multiple platforms?

Here's how we are doing this at Contra 👇

Importance of Video Content

In todays digital age, some of the most used (and influential) social media platforms are prioritizing video content. With billions of monthly users, even TikTok is having a hard time keeping up with their own growth. Along with TikTok, in late 2020, Instagram announced Reels -- a type of competitor to TikTok. Since then, Instagram has now transitioned all video content into Reels. Shortly after Instagram announced Reels, YouTube followed suit, introducing YouTube Shorts their version of short form video content. The point being -- shorter, more digestible, and more importantly shareable content is being put at the forefront.

This to say, it is apparent that video content is becoming the new way people are learning, becoming entertained, sharing content, and getting discovered through search consoles.

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Utilizing SEO Strategy for Social Content

To be discovered in a sea of content is a brands biggest goal. How do you stand out? How do you use keywords to get discovered? How do you make content that is still in line withy our brand mission, but can be related to? With this prioritization of video content, we've now seen TikTok introduce SEO capabilities to compete with search engines like Google.

Why does this matter? Part of building your brands social strategy is thinking about discoverability. With new tools like 2,200 character captions on TikTok, there is more opportunity to get creative and strategic with the keywords you are using in your content. At Contra, we have started

Saving Time with Top of Funnel Social Strategies

At Contra, our main content distribution channels include:

Our content strategy starts with TikTok. The platform that brings us in the most users per month, the platform that we have the largest reach, following and engagement.

I run our content strategy where I do the following every week:

  • Research and save trends on TikTok
  • Research trends, commonly asked questions, and keywords in our industry (freelancing)
  • Batch record 1-2 times a week
  • Batch edit 1 time a week
  • Post 1-2 times a day (using SEO strategies above)

Each of our social platforms have their own strategies, but the evergreen content we make on TikTok is disbursed to each of the channels. We use SnapTik to download the TikTok videos without watermarks, then use Later to schedule for LinkedIn, Instagram and schedule in the YouTube Studio to distribute throughout the week.

Though, the messaging changes depending on the platform we are posting on.

Messaging per Platform

Let's just say the audience and messaging on Twitter and TikTok are not the same. The same goes for LinkedIn versus Instagram. Knowing this, our team tweaks the messaging per platform to better resonate with the different audiences.

Reminder: algorithms change frequently, knowing this, your social strategy and messaging strategy should be flexible and adaptable.

Below is a great resource from Sprout Social on the importance of cross-platform posting + messaging!

Main Takeaways

The main takeaway: At Contra, we prioritize video content, distribute across all channels, backlink into blogs, use this content in support messages, and let this content help fuel our SEO strategy.

Saving time should not come at an expense of being strategic; you can do both. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions, or if your company wants insights on how to kickstart their social strategy using video content at the forefront.

Plus, if you are looking to hire someone to create social content, you've come to the right place. Go through our simple 5 step process to post your Job Opportunity, and our team will match you with the perfect Independent!


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