Website for a 3D tool for renovation contractors

Dmytro Honcharenko

Web Designer
UI Designer


In this project, Reflow agency created an intuitive and effective 3D tool for renovation contractors. The tool is designed to support contractors throughout various stages of their business, from winning bids to project coordination. Our focus was on simplicity and efficiency, catering to users who might not be tech-savvy. I was responsible for the whole design process.

Project Overview

🟡 The Problem: The client already had a ready-to-use 3D tool for renovation contractors but lacked an effective website to showcase and promote it. The existing website did not adequately highlight the tool's simplicity and efficiency, which was essential to appeal to the less tech-savvy target audience of contractors.

🚀 The Goal: To develop a high-converting, visually appealing, and simple-to-use 3D tool for renovation contractors.

⚙️ The Requirements:

  1. High Conversion Rate: Design a website that effectively converts visitors into users.
  2. Simplicity: Ensure the tool is straightforward and effortless to use.
  3. Attractiveness: Create a visually appealing interface that engages users.

👉🏻 Before

⚡️ After


This project exemplifies the power of design in simplifying complex processes and making advanced tools accessible to a wider audience. By focusing on user-friendliness and aesthetic appeal, we have created a product that not only meets the needs of renovation contractors but also enhances their business operations significantly.

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