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This case study unfolds the journey of redesigning the website of a webflow development agency called Reflow. As their in-house designer, I embarked on this project to transform their outdated online presence into a dynamic, user-friendly, and credible platform to enhance client engagement and lead generation.

The problem

The existing site for Reflow was behind the times, pretty plain, and lacking in engagement.

The objective

The aim was to give the site a fresh, contemporary overhaul with a neat and uncluttered appearance.

The requirements

Opt for a minimalist, clean design with a lot of whitespace.

Starting point


Process and Development

1. Client Consultation and Goal Setting

We began with detailed discussions to understand the agency's vision and set clear objectives for the redesign.

2. Mood Board Creation

I developed a mood board to gather visual inspirations, setting the tone for the project's aesthetic direction.

Mood board

3. Wireframing

Then I designed wireframes for key pages like the main page, services page, and blog page, establishing a structural blueprint for the site. Wireframing helps to structure the general layout of the page, before diving into shiny UI details.

Homepage wireframe

4. Initial Design Proposals

I presented multiple a couple of UI design versions, allowing the client to choose the direction that best aligned with his vision. This collaborative approach ensured the final design would resonate both with the agency and its audience.

Some of the initial UI proposals.

5. UI Design

Finally, I moved on to high-fidelity UI designs, infusing the chosen style and functionality into the website. I created a clean and modern website, with a lot of white space and an interesting layout.

Blog page

Outcomes and Impact

The redesigned website has repositioned the Reflow agency as a contemporary and credible player in its field. While specific metrics are pending, anticipated outcomes include:

  • Increased Credibility: Enhanced professional image instilling greater trust among potential clients.
  • Improved User Engagement: Intuitive and visually appealing interface expected to boost visitor retention.
  • Enhanced Lead Generation: The revitalized design is set to attract new leads, contributing to the agency's growth.


This project highlights the transformative impact of modern web design and user experience principles. As a designer closely aligned with the agency, I had the unique opportunity to reshape our digital footprint, setting new standards for our online presence and future endeavors.

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