🎨 Artistic Year in Review: Designing ProjectArt's Year Report

Lorena Alvarez

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ProjectArt is an award-winning NYC-based art education nonprofit, that provides free after-school visual arts classes and artist residencies in public libraries across the nation. Today, ProjectArt provides programming in 9 cities across the country and has served thousands of students. ProjectArt empowers youth, artists, libraries, and communities nationally with the positive benefits that arts education yields.

ProjectArt - Creating Art, Community & Opportunities.

My Role

I helped ProjectArt express its key messages clearly and vibrantly with customized, highly detailed, visual designs that complement the written content of its annual report. I used Adobe InDesign to create the book report reflecting ProjectArt's mission, vision, and progress during the years 2021-2022.

The Outcome

The end-of-year program reports are invaluable for ProjectArt's current and potential funders. The annual report aimed to portray the 5 pillars of change that had been completed within ProjectArt's target communities. These pillars consist of instilling creative confidence in youth, reinvigorating public libraries, engendering a spirit of service in college students, supporting emerging artists, and building a sense of community in underserved neighborhoods. By providing the program report I designed, Project Art was able to collect an estimated $4,212 for fundraising. This allowed ProjectArt to focus on enrolling more students in tuition-free art education classes.

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