Displaid - Brand design sprint

Louis Charron

Brand Designer
Graphic Designer
Logo Designer
Adobe Illustrator

How AI can help preserve our infrastructure?

Project type: Branding

Client: Displaid

Duration: 1 week

Pitch: Displaid is a young tech startup focusing on preserving infrastructure through data and AI. Founded by engineers, the team at Displaid wanted their identity to be about infrastructure and tech but also to show their roots in research and academia. I focused on created 3 directions to represent Displaid in different ways. The icon for the first direction represents both a bridge (the main piece of infrastructure they monitor), the idea of monitoring through computer vision and the concept of data point. They loved the icon and we developed it to create Displaid final identity.

First direction: logo explained
First direction: fonts & colors
Second direction: logo & grid
Second direction: fonts & colors

Third direction: Logo & fonts
Third direction: icon & composition
Third direction: fonts & colors
Final logo
Brand guidelines

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