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How the project was carried out.

The Project list of WBS items includes every item listed in the Charter.

For example, the Charter mentions a website, and the WBS lists website elements in more detail and specifies the deliverables and specific dates when they should be ready and other areas in detail, such as internet requirements, equipment, network needs, electricians, service provider benefits, security requirements, website structure, and connectivity to other systems.

The Project WBS includes the necessary meetings on a regular basis to review the progress of the project, milestones, adjustments to the schedule of activities, and updates to the client, ensuring the client's satisfaction, particularly the accuracy of deliverables.

The WBS was planned and written in a combination of a top-down approach and a bottom-up approach because the initial meeting with the client resulted in a top-down approach list with all the requirements for the project, the anticipated expertise needed, knowledge areas to research, and potential options/outcomes. The bottom-up approach was used to reach the stipulated goals, incorporating the knowledge and list of items already in the preliminary brainstorming sessions. This helps to see items not previously listed, such as software requirements, additional research on the SaaS package to select, integrations with an online ordering system, and potential delivery service compatibility. The research will bring out choices to further discuss with the web developer, ensuring the website, software, and network integrate seamlessly with the tablets and computers.

The WBS elements that were product-oriented included the cable or wiring installation, installation of equipment (modems, routers, computers, registers, printers, etc.), the installation of the software, and the preparation of a quick instruction manual specific to the client's staff needs. 

In defining and creating the WBS for the client's project WBS, a combination of both process-oriented and product-oriented methods was used to incorporate all areas required to achieve and complete the project.



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