Cyborging...👾🗂️| Fan visual creations 2020-2022

Matilde Silva

3D Designer
Graphic Designer
3D Modeler
Adobe Photoshop

Projects formerly as CYBORGTXT.

Let's talk about fan arts! 🎨

The world we live in today is surrounded by art created by fans and the exception didn't cross my own, fortunately. Because of this phenomena, I found a wide space to create more and more each day, week and month, sometimes showcasing better results than other though never stopping!

I've gathered throughout this collection, part of what I was able to create as CYBORGTXT, the username I've used for years that conveyed the concept of bringing my favorite band, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, as cyborgs. Alongside those portraits, I've also had the time to play with concepts inspired by their very own symbols and albums, sometimes even bringing games like Animal Crossing to it.

Hope you enjoy!

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