🎶| Recreating concept of an album with Blender and Photoshop

Matilde Silva

Graphic Designer
Adobe Photoshop

Project formerly as CYBORGTXT. January 2022

Album recreated: The Dream Chapter: Magic by TOMORROW X TOGETHER

Link: (published on another account) https://twitter.com/CYBORGTXT/status/1551598165119406081?s=20&t=nIkp0GkB9PCLXHmJyJCzNA

Retro "The Dream Chapter: Magic" concept

Seems like changing main elements of my creations to materials similar to chrome, is a move I'll be doing for a while. These examples in particular revealed to be difficult when shapping the main star and giving it quirkyness to it at the same time. It worked. But then soon after, how was I shapping the other crazy font letters on the keyboard to match up the name of the album? That took way too long, but... worked!

Recreation of the album cover "The Dream Chapter: Magic" by TOMORROW X TOGETHER alongside the glasses present in the Music Video of the main track "Run Away".
Keyboard display of the letters making up the name of the album and the artist name.
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